Offering a complete range of types and sizes, Cerro Flow Products LLC meets or exceeds industry standards to deliver high quality flow products.

Our copper tubing is made from Alloy C12200 (DHP), meeting industry standards and is NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified.

The most common types: K, L, and M are primarily differentiated by a range of wall thicknesses, and available in hard or annealed tempers. Straight lengths are primarily in hard (drawn) tempers and coils are supplied in annealed (soft) tempers.

Some of the many applications:

  • Water services and distribution systems
  • Renovation and remodeling
  • Drainage and vent systems
  • Non-flammable medical-gas systems
  • Heating systems (including solar)
  • Fuel-oil systems
  • Fire sprinkler installations
  • Snow melting

Plumbing and mechanical codes govern what types of products may be used for applications. Local codes should always be consulted for minimum requirements.

Copper tube (Alloy C12200) has been evaluated by NSF to NSF/ANSI 61 for use in drinking water supplies of pH 6.5 and above. Drinking water supplies that are less than pH 6.5 may require corrosion control to limit leaching of copper into the drinking water.